Data Storytelling
4 June PT 09:00 | ET 12:00 | CET 18:00
Dominic Bohan
Co-founder at StoryIQ
How to make sense of a complex world of data?
Today we are besieged by data, and the need for meaningful and valuable information is urged as never before. The era of boring graphs, confusing charts, and perplexing presentations is over. Work through a practical, step-by-step process to tell compelling stories with your business data. In this session, you will learn how to add more value to your presentation, and how to make sense of a complex world of data.

A TEDx speaker, Dom brings a wealth of data storytelling experience to StoryIQ from his career at QBE, one of Australia's largest insurance companies. At QBE, he was a senior leader in data analytics and business improvement, presenting data-driven strategy recommendations to the company's senior executives and producing reports for the Group Board of Directors.
The webinar will cover:
How to de-clutter your presentations
Focus your audience's attention on what matters
Enhance data visualizations to support a narrative
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