How to prioritize product tasks
1 November 2021, 12:00 (CET)
Michael Youmans
online session
Product Leader at Mimecast
We all know dozens of product prioritization frameworks. ICE, RICE, Value vs. Effort, MoSCow, and many others.

However, using them in practice can be challenging. Many of us tried to actually implement them, but very few of us ended up really using even one of them in our everyday work.
We invited Michael Youmans, Senior PM at Mimecast, to share his experience of using product prioritization frameworks.

To learn more about this topic, join our online session on the 1st of November at 12:00 CET.
Product management frameworks
How to choose what's best for your product
How to prioritise product features and enhancements
What goes into planning and prioritisation of work
How to reach the end goal of "product readiness"
Michael Youmans
Michael Youmans is one of Mimecast's Product Leaders, responsible for compliance, e-discovery, migration solutions, as well as backup and recovery. He helps to lead the development teams, building industry-leading solutions that empower customers to be successful in the workplace.

Mimecast has a broad product portfolio, and Michael has been working there for 8+ years. During this time the company grown from 300 to 1800 people. The product team tried using various frameworks, and rebuilt the product development lifecycle, well, more than once!
Sr. Product Manager at Mimecast
10 Prioritization Frameworks
by Producter
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