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3 experiments to drive incremental revenue (Thibault Imbert, VP of Growth at GitHub)

3 experiments to drive incremental revenue (Thibault Imbert, VP of Growth at GitHub)

Revenue growth is the ultimate goal of any growth team. But revenue is the output. In order to increase it, you should focus on the inputs.

Revenue = New Visitors * Reg Rate * Paid Conversion Rate * Activation Rate * Retention

One of the fastest and maybe the easiest ways to grow revenue is to work on Paid Conversion Rate. You don’t need to rely on any new traffic and you almost don’t need to change anything in the product.

Thibault Imbert, VP of Growth at GitHub, told us about 3 experiments their growth team made and that worked well. The good thing about them — they can be applied in almost any product, not only a SaaS.

1)  Redesigning the pricing page

A pricing page is the first point of contact with an interested customer. It is vital to make it clear what your value proposition is. GitHub wants to convert users from their free plan to their Teams and Enterprise plans.

Before: Too much information per package, with unclear language. No obvious value was visible for paid options. The free version worked for large teams yet the Team plan required a monthly subscription.

After: The free plan has fewer features, and it is clear. The Team Plan is highlighted on the webpage, which makes it look desirable and increase attraction. The Team Plan includes the options which customers mentioned to be the most important ones.

The immediate impact was clear, signups across the board went up. Interestingly, Teams packages sign-ups increased by 24.69%, and free plans by 16.27% when the latter was not even a priority.

This highlights the importance of pricing page design — a continuous process of optimization that requires constant feedback from users and key data metrics.

2)  Plan Recommendation

After confirming the email address, the user is invited to answer two simple questions.

  • How many people will there be on your plan (see example below);
  • What features are you keen on using?

By doing so, GitHub identified the customer's intent and adequately recommended what they think is the best plan for the user. It feels as if there is a conversation taking place, delivering a satisfying and personalized experience.

Over the course of refining the recommendation process, they noticed a staggering 61% increase in conversion to paid customers.

This confirms how crucial the first minutes of customer engagement are in driving incremental revenue.

3)  Redesigning the onboarding for the Free Trial in Enterprise plan

The main goal here was to accelerate the time-to-value by getting people to the "aha-moment" faster.

For example, they created a demo repository that was available for new users automatically. That helped customers see the product in action without having to upload a code.

Some other most loved features were SAML single sign-on and automation. So they included them in the first steps of the onboarding and helped users to go through it with the explaining videos and documentation.

If you want to dive deeper into these experiments — check out the full video. It's available for Epic Growth Premium members, but you can start with a 7-days FREE trial.

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