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Leveraging Short-Form Videos For Business

Leveraging Short-Form Videos For Business

Are you looking for new ways to increase the scope and reach of your business?  Improving and diversifying the ways in which you interact with your audience across your social media channels is important for online marketing strategies.

Growth Tribe shared insights on the power of short-form videos in today’s world We really enjoyed their webinar on short-form videos for business. The following is a summary of what they shared during their session.

The importance of short-form videos in statistics

A TikTok Tale

35% of people watch less TV because of TikTok. People want to be in control of the content they consume.

46% of TikTok users watch it without any distractions, making the possibility to deliver a high-impact message very compelling.

What it means for marketers

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to just 10% when reading it as a test. This gap is huge and highlights the benefits of pursuing a short video-based strategy.

Marketers who use video get 66% more qualified leads a year than those who don't and short-form video ads are 23% more memorable than TV ads.

Impact from Covid

91% of marketers feel that the pandemic has made video more important for businesses and brands.

96% of consumers say that the pandemic has increased the amount of video content they have consumed online.


Using your internal data is always a good starting point for any video marketing strategy. Keeping that in mind, people have on average a 2.7-second attention span. Messages must come across clearly and quickly.

How to compete for the consumers’ scarce attention

On average we are exposed from 250 to 10 000 marketing triggers per day. Getting your strategy right implies knowing exactly who to target and where.

Nicholas Kusmich came up with a compelling example at a talk on digital marketing. Sometimes, aggressive CTA's can feel like a proposal to a complete stranger to marry you. It's inappropriate and intrusive.

We have to be social

Users are on social media to be social, not looking for advertisements. The key is therefore to be social about your content.

Sharing other people's content with a mention is usually a win-win situation. People love talking about themselves and it increases visibility for both parties.

Ryanair once posted a random video on TikTok asking other companies with an account to comment. That video alone generated 23.6K comments with brands ranging from Tinder to Microsoft engaging with it. The exposure this created is huge.

There are two useful tools to become more social.

1/ Semrush: You can use it to research the most popular topics and find inspiration for the content your brand can engage with on social media in order to see what people want, and when.

2/ Socialinsider: Gives you the option to 'spy' on 10 social media profiles or hashtags. From there a dashboard is created giving you a good image of what your competition is up to, or what topics are trending.

Finding your best channels

A plethora of short-form video channels exists today: YouTube, TikTok, Snap, Triller. Identifying which ones are right for you is a challenge.

Examining the basics of your persona as a brand is a challenge. What do you stand for, and who do you want to engage with?

To complete this profile, you can use public benchmarks, and complement them with tools like SparkToro. Most importantly, it's about using your own internal data as a business to determine the exact relationship between you and your audience, and what they expect from you.

Choosing your metrics

Getting your metrics will make platforms push your content through their algorithms.

1/Video Completion Rate. At TikTok, if a video is watched at 60%, 80%, or 100% determines how much it will be pushed on user feeds.

2/Video Replays. Getting people to watch your content over and over again will also push your content and make a bigger impact.

3/Engagement. Is your content encouraging others to engage and create content?

Content has to get audiences hooked and wanting to watch it multiple times. It helps to remind users of your USP. It can also be the way you present your brand and engage with audiences across social media.

How to leverage short-form videos to grow your business

Increasing brand awareness

Although applied to TikTok, these tips are relevant for all short video platforms.

1/ Make storytelling more playful. Short video platforms have high-quality built-in editing tools. You can sell the story you are telling. It's important to keep on testing new content. Studying the data comes later and allows for long-term strategic planning.

2/ Reaching subcultures. Gaining traction is most effective when you target a group with particular interests. You can find them using hashtags. Sub-cultures include gaming, anime, books, money, etc.

Subcultures can be rabid with engagement when you create something that speaks to them. David Ma, Director, and Influencer

Footage courtesy of David Ma

3/ Comments = Content. Comments are the new creative brief.

Peppering in some reactive content can fundamentally drive connection and engagement with your audience. David Ma, Director and Influencer

4/Show the process. Audiences relate a lot to difficulties and failures in the process before reaching success. Give your audience an opportunity to learn something from you.

The power of sound

We are surrounded by sound but we don't see it so we underestimate its impact. Cedric Engels, CEO, and Co-Founder of Sonhouse

What is the effect of music?

  • 50% of people say music makes content better;
  • 77% of people use music in their videos;
  • 80% of people turn to videos to discover new music.

By using trending sound and music pieces, algorithms will boost the reach of your video.

There's a natural link between sound and vision — 'Booba and Kiki experiment' is a testament. When asked who is 'Booba', people naturally associate it with the bendy shape on the right due to its pronunciation. 'Kiki' on the other hand is pointy.

Considering your visual identity and translating it into sound is important.

Staying up to date with the industry

Newsletters are effective tools to keep track of everything industry-related. Two tools are suggested.

1/ Feedly. It aggregates articles of interest for the user depending on preferred websites, keywords, and content. You can build fully customizable newsletters.

2/ Stacked Marketer. Daily news blast about everything happening in the digital space. The 'round the stack' section is of particular interest as it compiles information about the latest in short video trends.

Real-world examples

The key is to create a wow effect with the user, which is the common denominator in the following examples:

1/ A TikTok video by Zachking. It got 2.2B views on which he seems to be flying on an invisible broomstick. It hooks you and makes you want to watch it over and over again.

2/ Triller Fight Club. Triller announced a venture to start a pay-per-view boxing event featuring Mike Tyson, Logan Paul, and other big names. The event generated a W.T.F moment and captivated a wider audience. Triller made 50 million dollars off ticket sales alone.

3/ Mr. Cranberry man. His viral video of drinking cranberry juice whilst riding at high speed provided the brand that made it, Ocean Breeze, with over 15B free impressions. Public personalities later engaged with the viral content, further increasing the product's reach.

If there is a key takeaway to remember, it’s that businesses have to engage with short video platforms in order to understand how to leverage them in their online marketing strategy. It’s important to get your hands dirty and try everything. Only then will you have enough data to make informed decisions.

Short-form videos are transforming the digital marketing landscape, and it is no longer possible to ignore them.

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