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Grab your 50% discount for 11/11+ weekly newsletter
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✍️ Latest from our blog:

1/ ML-based recommendation system trained right: the Booking.com experience

Nowadays, every major e-commerce site has a recommendation system boosting sales and customer satisfaction. Such systems are being constantly improved and upgraded. The problem is that every next recommendation model launched is typically trained on datasets generated by its predecessors.

According to Andrew Mende, product manager for machine learning at Booking.com, this approach is flawed. But there is a cure. He told us how to prevent predictive recommendation models from deteriorating into simple popularity-based algorithms. Continue reading

2/ How Dashly doubled revenue in a month by bringing Growth & Sales teams together

Dashly, a B2B SaaS company, aimed to increase its MRR. It built a growth team to sort out what factors impact their sales and how they can measure the success of marketing campaigns.

In this case study you’ll learn:

  • How Dashly carried out an audit of sales processes;
  • How they defined the North star metric suitable for their particular business model;
  • How they built synergy between growth and sales teams.

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📺 What to watch:

Here are our top pick videos on rethinking user activation:

📚 What to read:

1/ How Dashly failed 27 hypotheses in a month and got x2 leads growth

One more nice case study from Dashly. Their growth team was formed just half a year ago. Now they test 10 hypotheses every week and generate 33% of product demos. It means that sales reps did 33% of product demos for leads that were generated by the growth team.

Polly, the growth team lead at Dashly, explains the reasons for creating the growth team, how it was built, and how they tested growth hypotheses.

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2/ 9 Thoughts on what makes for a good pricing page

Designing the perfect pricing page for your SaaS startup is difficult. Not everyone has the volume for A/B testing. That is why the following ideas are inspired by the best industry practices of SaaS.

  • The stronger the brand, the more complex the pricing page usually is. It's recommended to keep it as simple as possible when you start;
  • Familiarity in your pricing scheme is key to maximizing sales velocities with less-known vendors;
  • 'Editions' are helpful when selling to customers of varying sizes (Small, Medium, Large);

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3/ Activation playbook: turning new users into active users

Activation is the rate at which people get hooked after getting started with your product.

When should you care about it? When some users keep using your product for months after signing up.

If no one retains after signing up for your product, it doesn't deliver ongoing value. So you should go back to building new ideas. This is because you want to have a user base that keeps growing and compounding, not a user base that keeps changing entirely.

Most of the time, the users that keep coming back share a revelation moment.

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⚡️ News that matters:

1/ Twilio confirms acquisition of Segment for $3.2B in all-stock deal

Twilio recently announced its biggest acquisition to date, paying $3.2B in an all-stock deal to acquire Segment. It confirms their move into customer data management alongside their existing API-based tools for building and running communication services.

The objective is to build 'the customer engagement platform of the future' according to Peter Reinhardt, Segment's Co-Founder and CEO.

For Segment, it's a big step up in terms of scope and reaches for its tools. Twilio can provide its resources and expertise in customer service to complement Segment's product.

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2/ Zendesk moves into customer experience data with $4.13B Momentive deal

Companies are willing to pay a lot of money to understand what users and customers are thinking. That is why Zendesk announced the acquisition of Momentive Global Inc (the people behind SurveyMonkey) for $4.13B.

  • Zendesk wants to create a customer intelligence platform — using the easy-to-use survey tools provided by Momentive to understand customers and market trends better;
  • Having Momentive onboard allows Zendesk to project yearly revenue of $4.5B by 2025.

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