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How to increase customer activations when the product has a long time-to-value

Many people think Product-Led Growth only works for simple products where you can quickly deliver value to the customer. In fact, done right, the PLG approach can work wonders for complex products, too.

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📺 What to watch:

Here are our top pick videos on growth teams & experimentation:

📚 What to read:

1/ Twitter discussion on 'What is PLG'

A Twitter thread on Andrew Chen's post leads to a fascinating debate as to the precise definition of 'Product-Led Growth'.

As always, it's important for product managers to communicate with each other. It can help generate new ideas and best industry practices. Continue reading

2/ My Product Isn’t Designed for PLG: How Can My Business Become Product-Led?

With the explosion of product-led growth (PLG), many companies are critically evaluating what it means for their go-to-market strategy.  Many products are well suited to a free trial/freemium motion, while others may have the following considerations to work around:

  • My product is a feature-rich enterprise product and it may be confusing to users without proper training
  • My product has extensive integrations/setup required for users to see value
  • My product touches sensitive data, which users are reluctant to share without company sign-off. Continue reading

3/ 5 Interesting Learnings from Expensify at $140,000,000 in ARR

Expensify now is a public company with a $3.5B+ market cap.
Expensify was maybe too early to market. It was just amazing that when iPhone launched, you could now take a picture of receipts and have them somewhat automatically “expensed”. A jaw-dropping, amazing use of the first generation on mobile apps. And while it took Expensify 13 years to hit $140m in ARR … now it’s growing like a weed. A stunning 60% year-over-year. Continue reading

⚡️ News that matters:

1/ GitHub gets a new CEO

GitHub CEO Nat Friedman is stepping down from his role on November 15th citing a desire to return to his startup roots. He will be succeeded by Thomas Dohmke, GitHub's Chief Product Officer.

When Microsoft acquired the company in 2018, there was widespread worry in the developer community that GitHub would lose its open-source appeal. But since then, both Friedman and Dohmke have promised that will not happen in the long term.

They want to maintain strong roots in their community. Continue reading

2/ Calixa snags $12M Series A to build sales tool for product-led companies

Calixa, a startup building a tool for product-led sales cycles, announced a $12 million Series A.

They want to complement the existing approaches used by product-led companies to turn even more free users into paying ones.

According to CEO Thomas Schiavone, Calixa is a 'workflow for high-velocity sales' by helping PLG businesses identify the best customers to engage with.

It's interesting to note investment from both Salesforce Ventures and Twilio. Continue reading

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