Epic Growth SUMMIT Program
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Day 6
7 September 12pm GMT
Product-led growth
VP, Marketing
Product is the new landing page: rethinking onboarding to increase activation and revenue
Eric Keating
Director of Product, Growth
Tanya Aulachynskaya
The anatomy of pricing:
how to make pricing optimization a continuous process in a B2B SAAS
How to implement Product-Led Growth strategies in 2-sided marketplace
Head of Growth Engineering
Ludo Antonov
SVP, New Products
How to know when you are ready for product-led growth
Tatyana Mamut
8 September 12pm GMT
Product-led growth
Product & Growth
Matt Bilotti
SVP Marketing
Fireside chat "Hitting growth ceiling"
Kieran Flanagan
Fireside chat "How to approach product career management"

ex General Manager at Shopify, founder amidira.com
Sylvia Ng
VP of Growth
Thibault Imbert
3 experiments guaranteed to drive incremental revenue
Head of Customer Success
How to build Sales & CS teams from the ground up in PLG SaaS start-ups
David Apple
9 September 12pm GMT
Growth strategies & tactics
Customer Success Manager
Corinne Goldberg
Customer Success Manager
Fireside chat "Scaling Customer Success to Power Growth: challenges and opportunities"
Dan Pino
VP of Content and Community
Fireside chat

Mark Kilens
Chief of Staff and Senior Director of Strategy & Corporate Development

Òscar Carbonell Dolz
How to define your GTM based on your Product-Market fit
11 September 12pm GMT
Retention & Engagement
Speakers to be announced
13 September 12pm GMT
Product Analytics
Principal Data Scientist
How to predict transactions in online marketplaces
Alexey Grigorev
Product ownerDirector of Product, Growth
Andrew Mende
Product feedback loop:
How to experiment with algorithms to change user behaviour
16 September 12pm GMT
Growth teams & experimentation
Growth marketer
Building bridges between Growth and Sales teams
Polina Zakharova-Shchukina
Head of Technology
Dmitry Kushnikov
Individual Contribution and Team Responsibility: myths and reality